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  • Provide 24-hour hotline service, provide technical support and after-sales service.
  • Mobilize all staff and make records to reflect the attitude of serving customers.
  • Record the whole process until the customer confirms that the problem is solved. Problems that cannot be solved shall be reported level by level until they are solved.
  • Free warranty within one year
  • Maintenance for non machine tool fault
  • Truly make the purchase of the machine worry free
  • Equipped with special maintenance engineers

Recruit talents

Science and technology is the first productive force, and talent is the first resource!

  • Salesperson


    Job Responsibilities:
    1. Assist the decision-making level to formulate the company's annual development strategy, marketing strategy and sales target, and be responsible for the management of the sales department and the region under its jurisdiction;
    2. Be responsible for completing annual sales tasks and payment collection tasks, realizing the company's annual decisions and strategies, providing guarantee for the completion of the company's overall sales performance, and laying a solid foundation for the achievement of the company's medium- and long-term goals;
    3. Develop and maintain target customer groups, collect and sort out customer project information, sign contracts with customers, and implement the recovery of payment for goods and arrange after-sales services;
    4. Cooperate with technical engineers and product experts to provide customers with technical solutions;
    5, responsible for the company's product promotion work, expand the market, open up channels, develop and establish new customers and new marketing models;
    6. Implement the company's sales plan and achieve various sales targets;
    7. Be responsible for submitting the annual sales report, analyzing the market potential, sales data and expenses of the new and original distribution systems or sales channels, calculating the profit and loss situation, team building, etc., and providing data support for the establishment of new market models;
    8. Be responsible for the training of the marketing center, advocate the establishment of a learning team, organize regular training and learning, strengthen experience sharing, improve professional competence, and enhance the overall quality of team members;
    9. Complete other tasks assigned by the leader.

    Qualifications: Unlimited

  • Assembler


    Job Responsibilities:
    1. Engaged in the assembly of mechanical CNC machine tools, can understand the mechanical assembly drawings.
    2 . Master the precision measurement of parts in equipment assembly and the assembly quality inspection of the whole machine.
    3. Working experience in mechanical industry is preferred. Hardworking and responsible.
    4. Complete 6s work in the work area and designated area, abide by the company's rules and regulations, and be on duty on time.

    1, high school education, more than one year of relevant experience, skilled use of micrometer, level, Allen wrench and other tools
    2. No bad record.

  • After-sales service engineer


    Job Responsibilities:
    1. Be responsible for the after-sales and post-maintenance of the machine tool;
    2. Drive to the customer's site for debugging at any time;
    3. Fill in the after-sales service sheet as required, solve the customer's problems, and complete the report according to the actual situation;
    4, familiar with system programming, processing.

    1. Major in CNC machine tools;
    2. Experience in installation and maintenance of mechanical or electrical parts of CNC machine tools;
    3, more than three years of work experience;
    4. Be able to drive and drive to the customer's site for debugging at any time;
    5. Adapt to business trips and have certain communication skills.


  • Machine tool engineer


    Job Responsibilities:
    1. Design 3D graphics products according to customer's product requirements.
    2. Convert 2D engineering drawings according to 3D, mark dimensions and reasonable tolerances, and ensure the consistency of 3D and 2D data.
    Change and optimize the product structure according to the customer's requirements, and update the 2D drawing in time

    1. Major in mechanical and die mechatronics.
    Proficiency in the use of office software, and industrial design software (CAD. UG, Pro/E, Sotid-works), with good design thinking ability.
    3. More than three years of experience in similar positions, good communication skills and execution, able to withstand strong work pressure, thoughtful, careful and responsible.

  • Painter


    Job Responsibilities:
    1. Be responsible for the painting of customer's products.
    2. Strictly observe the safety operation rules. Paint and solvent are inflammable, which shall be properly stored and sealed to prevent volatilization and accidents.
    3. Pay strict attention to the use of labor protection appliances, and wear labor protection appliances, especially gas masks, when polishing and painting.
    4. Smoking and open fire operation are not allowed in the painting workplace.
    5. The operation shall be carried out in strict accordance with the items specified in the work order. The color mixing shall be accurate, the thickness shall be moderate, and the surface shall be bright and uniform.
    6. Strictly abide by the material receiving system, and do not receive more or more materials.
    7. The site shall be cleaned before work every day, and the paint and solvent shall be cleaned and preserved to prevent accidents.

    Positive, obedient to management, hard-working
    Work experience, skilled is preferred.

  • 售後服務工程師





  • 銷售人員




  • 油漆工


    1. 負責客戶產品的噴漆工作。
    2. 嚴守安全操作規程,漆料、溶劑等均為易燃物品,要妥善保存,並密封,防止揮發及事故的發生。
    3. 要嚴格注意使用勞保保護用品,打磨和噴漆時要穿戴勞保保護器具,特別是防毒口罩。
    4. 噴漆作業場所不准吸煙及明火作業。
    5. 嚴格按照派工單指定的專案進行作業,調色要準確,厚度要適中,表面光亮線直均勻。
    6. 嚴格遵守材料領用制度,不得多領,重領。
    7. 每天下班前要清潔場地,並清理保存好漆料、溶劑,防止事故發生。